Wednesday, 18 January 2017

New service from BT

We have just taken advantage of a new BT free service called Call Protect, see here.

I don't know if it works on all phones but we have a caller id type phone. We have had the same company phone us twice, using different numbers, both are now blocked hopefully. You can also block all withheld or unavailable numbers but our hospital uses witheld so might not use that aspect for now.

However when we get one of those, not from the hospital it will be interesting to see if we can block it.

Have a read, see if it is useful for you.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Take one medium chicken

From Lidl for around £3.50. For a change, I decided to simmer, rather than roast it, in a pan of water, it fell apart:
As it cooled, the meat was stripped from the bones, to give us enough for 4 normal and two mini roasts:
The mini roasts have gone into the freezer and when eaten, will also have a small pudding added to them to fill us up. This is how much stock we got:
Almost 2 litres. After being left to go cold in the fridge overnight, the fat was removed and discarded (trying to watch our calories) and the stock turned into a large pan full of tomato, pepper and chicken soup.

There is just enough chicken left for another meal or snack. So three main meals and soup for two days, plus another meal or snack - not too bad!

Monday, 16 January 2017

Shopping budget

Our weekly shopping budget, for the last few years, including toiletries, has been around £30 per week, never more than £35. However, both food and toiletries have risen in price so this year, we have given ourselves a food payrise to £35 a week.

When shopping last week, it rather went out the window, coming to £50. However, that did include a £9 huge joint of pork from Lidl, reduced in their sale, weighing in at about 3.5kg! It has been cut into two and frozen for use in February!

DB treated himself to something for the car and I bought some candles which don't count. So overall, if I take the meat and the last two mentioned things away, that reduces it by £14 and brings it down to £36 - we can live with that. All in all though, throughout the year, it should average out.

I rarely jiggle shopping costs in this way but the joint was too good a bargain to miss.