Friday, 24 June 2016

The EU and a tennis dishcloth

Wonder how long it will take us to leave the EU. According to this newspaper article, it could be 2020!

A 3 month period of 'calm' has been declared to allow the conservative government to elect a new leader, since David Cameron has decided to step down. A strange thing to do in the circumstances, as he, above anybody else, knows about negotiating with the EU member states.

I also seem to remember the hullabaloo from them, when Labour did the same thing after Tony Blair stepped down.

It will be days and days of more Brexit talk and I for one, am heartily sick of it already.

So then, on to the dishcloth. It isn't a dishcloth shaped like a racquet or even with a racquet on it. I decided to start crocheting it during Queens tennis, every time Andy was on, out it would come during sit down breaks.

Some days I forgot but it was completed just as he won:
I know, I talk about such interesting topis don't I. Today has also seen the winter quilt airing on the washing line before being put away. No doubt, it will go cold again overnight but there is a light blanket nearby just in case.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Voting and rubbish plants

Even if you never usually vote, today is an historic day SO PLEASE VOTE! You will probably never get another chance. If you are still undecided, ask yourself the question "if you were voting to join, would you do so?"

I don't know what is wrong with my spinach and beetroot plants this year. They have their seedling leaves and some have one set of true leaves but they are all stuck there! Normally, they romp away.

I don't usually have any luck with radish as they either go to seed or get eaten by beetles. This year though, the first ones sown have already been eaten by us for a change, and so far, the second lot are growing well, although they are getting nibbled, by slugs I presume.

The peony flowers have all rotted due to the rain and all in all, everything looks not very well. We managed to miss the first batch of storms but will probably get the next lot.

All this rain looks like it may have washed a lot of the food and goodness out of the soil.

Time to give whole garden a feed methinks.