Friday, 24 April 2015

Menu planning and shopping

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I have designed myself a sheet for planning our menu and working out a shopping list from it:
It is a little blurred due to being a screen shot but you get the idea. Anything with an * means that particular meal is already made and in the freezer. Toast allocated to each Wednesday when we may be out on a walk though we also walk on other days but I can't be bothered to change it here! Meals are planned around what is in the house and other menu's so we don't get too bored.

The shopping lists are typed that way as this list lives on our fridge door. Once shopping for week 1 is written, it can be torn/cut off leaving the following week in situ ready to be filled in - see, there is method in my madness:)

With the exception of fish and the occasional sausage, everything else is cooked from scratch. We know what goes in them and very little is wasted (fat, used bones etc) which go into our council waste bin. In case you are also wondering, the chicken nuggets are home made, can't abide any of the bought ones.

We were sitting out on the patio yesterday afternoon, just long enough to have a cup of tea. Although we were under the big awning, our feet and legs weren't. I could feel my feet and legs burning, even through jeans. After 45 minutes couldn't take it so went inside and checked. Yep, sunburn on both knees. Just shows you, jeans are not what they used to be!

Same thing with my face and neck chatting to a friend on the doorstep for about 20 minutes. Bring on the rain, we are bone dry here now.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


The apple and pear blossom in the garden is beginning to open and it looks so delicate and lovely. Of the five trees down our left back fence, only this trained conference pear has blossom:
The next two apple trees have one set of blossom each, the final two are still too small. However, the front arch of trees (two pears and two apples) are in blossom:
Mingled together at the top of the arch:
The two plum trees on the back arch are almost done with their blossom and I think the quince has been pruned too hard so won't get any this year.

A strange thing is happening in the front garden though. My oriental poppies are coming into full leaf but one has decided to flower - at ankle height:
How odd!

The back alpine bed also has some plants in blossom:
Isn't that Sedum in the front a glorious colour, it isn't that colour normally, again, how odd.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Baby Collared Dove

DB was busy working on the new log store when he popped his head inside and asked for the camera.
Sitting on our garden gate was a baby collared dove:
We sat and watched it for a few moments as the parents came back to feed it:
They kept trying to entice it back into the trees at the front, eventually it landed in a rather slapdash manner on the front gravel:
Now a bully of a wood pigeon keeps chasing it and them. Blasted things. When we first moved here there were only a few pairs of collared doves, now they are in the minority and the wood pigeons have taken over. When they have their early morning fights on the roof, it sounds like someone running along the roof in hob nailed boots!