Tuesday, 9 February 2016


To Kim and Andy Murray on the birth of their daughter on Sunday.

My first GF Pizza

Welcome to Jill Mcclinton via Bloglovin.

Yesterday saw me make our first GF Pizza, using half the recipe for the base from here.

This gave us one pizza enough for the both of us:

I initially baked the base for 6 rather than 8 minutes, then after toppings were added, 10 rather than 15 minutes.

Unlike normal pizza which can have a tendency to bend when holding them as a slice, this one didn't. It was straight without being hard, had the texture of a regular pizza and tasted lovely. Definitely a keeper!

We topped it with tomato puree watered down with added herbs, sauted yellow pepper, green pepper salami, 2 slices of Gouda and a handful of grated cheddar. It was served with a carrot and apple coleslaw. Most definitely yum yum!

I recently found a recipe for GF Banana Muffins from this site. I reduced the sugar by 10g as a trial and instead of butter, used Benecol. They looked slightly different to her picture but taste fine. Sorry, forgot to photograph them.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Adjusting taste buds

To cholesterol lowering items, has so far, proved okay as far as we are concerned. It took a couple of days to adjust to 1% fat milk whereas we normally use 2% semi-skinned.

The next thing to change was to reduce/give up butter and change to plant stenol enhanced spread. We have tried both Flora Light Proactiv and Benecol Buttery. DB hasn't got a preference but I think the Flora is a little better in taste.

As we both like Edam (and now Gouda), we have changed onto those. They do toast (after a fashion), when done under the grill so that is a bonus. The price per kilo in Lidl (and probably Aldi) is almost £2 less for sliced versions. Indeed, in Lidl, the sliced is £2 a kilo cheaper than a chunk of either Edam or Gouda.

We like them both on crackers and in sandwiches. We shall still buy extra mature cheddar but only as a treat, maybe divide and freeze it to be on the safe side!

For now, these are our only changes. We don't want to drink those little bottles of probiotics at the moment and have no intention of changing onto skimmed milk which we both find horrible.

So far so good then.