Saturday, 20 September 2014

Storms and tomatoes

Around 6pm last night, the sky went light yellow, then dark yellow, orange and finally black, all in the space of 30 minutes. It was similar to a solar eclipse but quicker. It was most eerie. The thunder started shortly afterwards, followed by sheet lightening, then fork, then the rain.

Luckily for us, the rain was reasonable light. Our local on-line forecast however, just had us down for heavy cloud! We gather some places were not so lucky.

However, here in the East of the country, in the driest county, we had seen no rain for nearly 3 weeks and were jolly glad to have some. Watering the garden with cans takes a lot of hard work.

I went out to check my tomatoes this morning, using Disprin seems to have worked (unless we were just lucky), no sign of blight. The night time temperatures are getting too cool for outdoor tomatoes so we took the decision to harvest them all, coloured, green, large and small.

They are now sat in the conservatory on trays to dry out, we reckon around 6lb:

After that, we shall pack the green ones away as per Beechgrove instructions just over a week ago and see how they fare.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Andy Murray backlash from trolls!

It appears Andy Murray has dropped himself in hot water by appearing to be in the yes camp for Scottish independence. I say appears as his twitter comment is quite well worded and could be taken either way!

What is totally unacceptable, is the back lash on social media. You should be ashamed of yourselves folks. Last time I looked, this was a free country and that is why you are also allowed your voice. It is just such a shame you choose to abuse this right, by saying such nasty, ill thought and downright disgusting things. That is the world of social media sites for you and on this occasion, the trolls have come out in force.

I may be a lone voice on this occasion but Andy is as entitled to voice his opinion as the next person. If his sponsors have taken exception to it, well maybe they need to grow up a bit, you knew the kind of personality you were taking on!

Andy, my opinion of you has not changed one bit, I for one, think you are great just as you are and if you were my son, I would be very proud of you, come what may.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Why I prefer Beechgrove Garden to Gardener's World

First things first, I have updated our menu tab at the top. You can see just how low the cost of our meat consumption is!

I've mentioned a few times now, about the BBC Scotland's (will we still have it if they separate from us?) Beechgrove Garden. It is generally on a Thursday at 7.30pm on FreeSat channel 970 then repeated on a Sunday morning at 08.30  on BBC 2.  If you view your TV through a different broadcaster, or use Freeview,  you'll need to find out what channel it is on!

Last week for example, Beechgrove Garden covered the following subjects:

Growing gourds,
growing but being careful with poisonous plants,
gardening at 700' above sea level,
a tomato feed trial - bought tomato food versus home made comfrey tea (the comfrey won),
growing things in the polythene greenhouse,
squash trials - growing in peat free versus peat based compost (the peat based compost won),
moss removal from lawns,
lifting, dividing and replanting bearded iris,
starting Christmas hyacinths,
growing your own loofah and most liked by me,
how to store your vegetables overwinter such as in clamps or keeping them in the refrigerators for longer than normal so they don't go off!

If you want to know how to keep your vegetables fresh in your fridge for weeks, check out the programme that aired Thursday 11th or Sunday 14th September. It was very informative.You can also catch up with most of the programmes on the BBC iplayer.

Every week they are trialling something of one kind versus something similar, testing different soil conditions, harvesting vegetables, fruit and flowers, how to prune everything, feeding, weeding, growing in a greenhouse or conservatory, polythene greenhouse or poly tunnels etc. Ground covers plants, feeding the soil etc. They usually do one visit either to a garden or community programme they are part of. They also have downloadable fact sheets re each programme!!

Gardener's World in the same week covered:

Planting wild flowers near hedges where nothing else will grow
planting Foxtail lily,
lifting basil and replanting with parsley,
Carol visiting a Salvia garden
3 things to do this week.

The thing that Monty doesn't do most weeks is vegetables. Come on Monty, many people are growing their own for the first time in the current economic climate yet you rarely talk about them, you seem to far prefer flowers and visiting predominantly flower gardens. Maybe it should be renamed Flower Gardener's World!