Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Well done to Johanna Konta for winning her first WTA title! Welcome to Vicki Brown and Melissa Maraj via Bloglovin.

DB wanted to start his needlepoint of Master L so out came the sewing machine to turn the edges of the material for added strength. Then we realised the cotton webbing of the frame was not deep enough to go through the sewing machine to attach the material. A quick hunt through my sewing box found some thick ribbon so that was used as a replacement. He attached it to the frame and off he went:

Friday, 22 July 2016

Another day

And still hoping for rain. I had to water the front garden last night as most things were not happy.

Welcome to Suzzycue via Bloglovin.

This morning, early on whilst still cool, I pruned my trained pear trees, they look alot better and should no longer catch on the awning as it unfurls.:

You can see in the bottom  picture, the tallest Sneezewort growing around the tree, I shall remove it at the end of the year.

Can you remember a while back, I mentioned about tomato internodal cuttings? Well they both did well, are now about 18" tall and getting flowers. They have gone into a spare bit of the vegetable garden:
The Hungarian Hot Wax chilli plants are also doing well and producing some good fruit:

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thursday, 21 July 2016


We so hoped a decent amount of rain would fall yesterday evening, but it didn't. The garden got a sip for about 5 minutes. No refreshing downfall for the flagging plants, or enough to drop the temperature down for sleeping.

At the moment though, it does feel fresher which is lovely.

Out on a hot walk in and out of woods, we came across the usual blackberry bushes in flower. What we didn't expect to see, were 'wild' raspberries. Their fruits were small, but juicy and sweet and a temporary reviving boost. Boy we were so hot at the end despite a breeze.

I missed most of Gardeners World last night, why has it changed night? Despite Beechgrove being my favourite programme (it is also on and off at the moment), I do like to catch up with it.

DB has just about got everything he needs to begin a needlepoint picture of our third Grand dog Mr. L, and is looking forward to it.