Sunday, 29 November 2015

We have won!

Team GB have beaten Belgium in the final of The Davis Cup. To those who don't know what that is, it is the World Cup of tennis. This is the first time we have won since 1936, a long, often once in a lifetime event.

This end has ended a 79 year drought. All hail the lads, well done:)

Saturday, 28 November 2015

GF Farmhouse Seeded Bread - semi successful

I thought I would have a go at a different GF bread, hoping after reading, that I could make some rolls. Nope! Here is where the recipe came from Farmhouse Seeded Bread

I decided to make 1/2 a batch just in case it didn't work properly and also because we had no psyllium husks, so I needed to substitute those with ground golden linseed!

It was supposed to eventually be just sticky with the addition of 1/4 to 1/2 a cup more of flour. Nope! Eventually, I gave up and left it in the bowl:(

Here is the first stage, ready to prove:
It took an age to prove but at least it did that okay. However, it was still very sticky and there was no way it would be able to be formed into rolls or even into a free form loaf.

The only thing I could do with it was to put it in a lined silicon loaf tin, in 4 balls, still hoping that somewhere along the line, the loaf could be broken into 4! It was put to one side for another hour to prove which it did half heartedly.

This time, the timing of 40 minutes at 200C was okay but it was not brown like her loaf was. Herewith a sideways shot:
Here from the top - a weird colour:
We sliced it and ate it over the next two days with soup. Texture was exceedingly gummy, taste was not great but it was edible. I think some of the problems with these GF recipes it that they have created their own bread flours from various things. Most of us can only buy a bag of GF flour ready prepared, we don't have any choice as it what is in it! Onwards and upwards.

We shall be enjoying the tennis Davis Cup final all this weekend. I thought Kyle might have clinched it yesterday after going 2 - 0 up but I think he just ran out of steam as he normally plays on the less taxing Challenger tours. Still, a very good start and I think he will just get better and better over the next few years.

Andy did well but I think we really need to win the doubles today to give us any chance. Either way, win or lose, we know we will have done our best.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Lunch is served

Still feeling the need to be eating soup in this dismal weather, we didn't quite have enough for a bowlful each so had some in a mug with a toasted cheese sandwich:
To tide us over until tea time, we had a milky drink with a mince pie in the mid afternoon.

I have updated our menu for last week.