Thursday, 27 November 2014

Congratulations and just in case....

Congratulations to Andy and Kim on your engagement, you said you would keep it quiet and private and you did. Let us hope the media don't harass you both too much!

Every year, come late autumn early winter, I prepare for the worst weather possible just in case. DB smiles at me as every year he has been correct and nothing too untoward has happened. However, the year our son was born was a different matter.

In that January I went into labour 9 days earlier than expected, mind you I had been using a mini sledge hammer to put some posts into the garden the previous day:) We had only moved into our house 3 weeks previously so luckily, had just done a big shop to save going out for anything and to concentrate on the baby!

The day I went in the weather was beautiful, a cool but sunny day with blue skies and white clouds. When I awoke the next morning and went to look out of the hospital window, it had snowed overnight. Boy had it snowed. I know those of you living in cold climates get way more snow than us so you might smile at this bit. Sitting on the porch roof just below our ward window was deep snow, nearly 12" of it!

All of us listened to the weather forecast, each bursting into tears like you do, when we realised no-one would be able to get in to visit if they lived outside the town, like us:(

Come visiting time that evening (no-one had gotten in for the afternoon visit except a few very local people), DB strolled in carrying a huge bouquet of flowers and yes, I burst into tears at the shock and delight of seeing him.

In those days, you were expected to stay in hospital for a whole week after giving birth unless you had more children at home - experience I guess. Well we didn't, each day the sky went grey and each day it snowed, just a little more. However, 4 days later the weather forecast was awful and we were all told if we didn't go home that day we would have to stay.

I phoned up DB and he said the conditions were getting bad in our village but he would do his best. Ages later, he turned up and we proudly walked out of the hospital, carrying our slightly yellowing  baby (he had mild jaundice but was fine to go home).

The drive home was horrendous, he had thought to put a blanket and Thermos flask in the car just in case but in those days we had no mobile phones. Crossing our fingers we set off. All the roads had been cleared except the one to our village but they were very icy. When we got to where we needed to turn off there were just two rapidly disappearing tracks down the middle of the road. Saying a prayer we carried on (just in case you were wondering if we were being stupid at this point, there were several cars in the distance, both in front and behind and a tractor was at the back of the queue).

The noise of the snow and ice scraping the bottom of the car was very loud but eventually, travelling at about 15 - 20 miles per hour we arrived home safely. The snow was now coming down hard and we hurriedly got DS, me and everything else into the house and the car into the garage.

Here he is a few weeks later sitting in his car seat - yes, they really were that sparse all those years ago and with no neck support!

Part Two next time! Welcome to Katie Weston via here and Bethan Palmer via Bloglovin.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Advertising rules for bloggers

It pays to know what the advertising code is when you advertise on your blog even if you don't think you are advertising. Here in the UK, you can check out this site

If you are a video blogger or Vblogger, what you can and cannot do can be found here

Forewarned is forearmed. Nuff said!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Frugal Liquid Revisited...

You can find my link on how to make frugal laundry liquid here
I have brought it up to date regarding this extra step.

Always ready to sort out any tiny problems using home made laundry liquid, I decided yesterday to do something different towards the end in an effort to keep it as a liquid rather than a solid gel! Now you probably all do this but I have only just realised it is a step I really needed to do.

Why? Well, if you pour the liquid into your storage containers as soon as it is done (less than 5-10 minutes by the way from start to finish), it has a tendency to set in the bottle making it a little difficult to get out properly.

Here is the batch from yesterday, made and still in its finished liquid state:
After an hour or so it had set into a semi-firm gel:
So I got my electric hand blender, you could use an electric whisk or a decent sized hand whisk:
After a few minutes it had turned back into a liquid and it was decanted into my storage ex-milk cartons. I always leave a gap at the top for shaking to re-distribute the essential oils:
There was just a slight problem with this, the lavender was okay (20 drops of essential oil into each bottle as it was being poured in) but unfortunately, I picked up Tea Tree instead of Lemon-grass oil!

I have just checked it before posting this and it is now more of a liquid and easier to decant, glad I decided to do this.